YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video streaming. People of all ages opted to watch videos of their choice on YouTube. YouTube has been ranked the second largest search engine after Google. It has distinct categories for videos, whether it is entertainment, beauty, skincare, skills, educational or motivational videos. There are videos on YouTube about every aspect, even if you want to learn something or fix a fault. YouTube is also a source of income for many people who upload videos of their own and earn a lot of subscribers and money. According to 2019 statistics, 50 million people put out videos on every topic which can come into anyone’s mind every day.

But for instance, if you are traveling or you do not have access to the internet and still want to watch a specific video at that very time, you would want to download that video. But watching a video is easier than downloading a video. Some videos are not compatible with your media players and sometimes there arises another issue. To overcome this issue, are compiling up the list of best YouTube to MP4 converters; which will make downloading and converting YouTube video to mp4 a hassle-free process.


It is one of the most popular YouTube to mp4 converters and is recommended by many because of its ability to download multiple files efficiently and swiftly.

Download URL:

When you open the website, you have to download software that will not take more than some minutes, and then you are all set to start converting your favorite YouTube videos to mp4.

aTube Catcher also offers other formats apart from MP4, such as FLV(Flash video), MPG, and AVI. It supports the PSP format which makes it much easier for portable game consoles.

After you are done with selecting the desired format, you just have to drag the link of the video in the window and the video will start to download. The user interface is not so sophisticated but in terms of performance; this site is on top of other video converting websites.


  • Simple and unique user interface
  • Downloading speed is fast
  • Several media formats are available
  • Conversion to Blu-ray format is also possible
  • You can resize the video
  • It’s easier to convert and download a YouTube video 


If we talk about the most downloaded and mostly used YouTube to Mp4 Converter, it is YouTube Downloader. Widely known as YTD, this all-rounder converter is capable of converting videos into MP4 version without any difficulty. It also supports other video streaming websites such as Daily Motion, Facebook, etc. 

Not only Mp4, but other formats such as MOV and AVI are also accessible via this site.

The advantage it has on other sites is that if your internet connection gets stuck, it resumes the video downloading. If you update it on and off, it will bring more features.

Download URL:

Key Features:

  • Copy pasting of URL services is supported by YouTube downloader
  • The interface is user friendly
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Multiple formats are available for downloading various files
  • Swift downloading and conversion of Videos


This amazing video converter not only allows you to convert and download videos from YouTube but from other sources too. It can be any platform such as Vimeo or Facebook etc. Even its name attracts the audience who are keener to download and convert videos from any platform, not just YouTube.

If you are wondering how to convert the videos stored in your computer to any other format, Any Video Converter is here for you. It offers around 60 input formats to the desired output formats.

Apart from providing multiple options, it is not much arduous to access the website either. But there are some in-built tips too which will provide guidance.

Download URL:

When you open the website, you just have to paste the link of the video in the window or just drag the link from your search browser.

You don’t have to visit the website again and again to convert and download the video. By installing the software of Any Video Converter, the process becomes easiest and less strenuous.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free usage
  • Download and convert YouTube videos into Mp4
  • Offers more than 60 input formats
  • Any Video Converter allows to convert and download videos from multiple sources


4K Video Downloader is easy and simple to use and allows you to convert videos with their subtitles as well. You can download and convert videos even if there are 24 videos in it, it also adjusts the resolution to 4k where it is possible.

The best thing about this converter is that you can download and convert files free of cost and other than YouTube; it also allows users to convert videos from other streaming websites like Vimeo and Daily motion. 

It also supports the conversion of video files into other formats such as MKV and 3GP apart from MP4. 

4K Video Downloader also supports converting video files in MKV, 3GP formats besides MP4, and can also save audio as MP3, M4A, and OGG. The only downside to this website is the less number of formats available. For most people, these formats are enough and this website is undoubtedly worth using.


If you are looking for the simplest way to convert and download YouTube videos, this program is an absolute choice for you. The Interface is quite simple and easy to use and supports converting and downloading YouTube videos into MP4 and 3PG format. The process is not that arduous either. You have to copy the link of the video and then paste it into the program, next you have to select the format and size of the file you are looking for. The video will be converted into the selected format and can be downloaded afterward. The file which is converted can be saved on your device. YouTube Mp4 has a clean interface and also it is ad-free.

● It allows you to choose the quality of the file as 360 p, 240 p, etc

● It does not support other video streaming sites other than YouTube.

● It allows to convert videos into 3gp and Mp4 format.

● Another downside to this site is that it does not have an option for batch download.


If you are seeking editing options while converting and downloading YouTube videos, this is the most suitable program to serve the purpose. Multiple options are available for editing videos and audio files before conversion such as frame rate, changing the bit rate, changing the size, and cutting the video, and many others. QR code can be used for downloading the video on your Smartphone.

This site allows users to download videos from multiple sources such as social media sites, media libraries, and music services beside YouTube. 


The major advantage of this site on other video converters is that it offers editing options, ranging from crop and cutting the video to rotate and resize the video, etc.

It allows you to select the quality of the desired video as HD, SD, Full HD, etc

You can easily convert YouTube and other files into a variety of audio and video files i.e., MP4, 3PG, WebM, MP3, AAC, WMA, OCG, and others.

The modified audio option can change the frequency, bit rate, and other parameters in just one click.

It supports multiple video streaming websites.

7, CONVERTO is a free and decent program to convert YouTube videos into Mp3 and Mp4. You do not have to download any software; you can access the website without any cost and also without registration. The process is quite simple and swift and while converting YouTube to Mp4, it allows you to set the resolution and size of the video. If you want to cut a certain part before converting the video, you can also avail of that option here on this site. 


● There are options available for editing file names and adding ID3 tags before conversion.

● also allows you to cut the video and select the desired resolution size.

● it adds the album cover to the mp3 files by itself.

● it supports audio and video files from YouTube for conversion ad downloading.


Ontiva YouTube Converter is one of the finest that is capable of converting YouTube to Mp4 video at a faster pace. The interface is user-friendly and makes the use easy for everyone whether a beginner or an expert. 

The site’s main page is hassle-free for beginners as on the very first page, you can carry out the conversion of YouTube videos. Open the YouTube application and copy the desired video URL, and then paste it in the search box of the Ontiva YouTube converter.  After the video’s link has been pasted, click on the “Convert” option. The converter will carry out the process and you will have to choose a format, for that chooses the suitable format and desired resolution. After you choose the format, your video will be converted; you can also download and edit the video. Editing options such as adding filters, emojis, and sounds to the video are available for its users.


Online YouTube downloader is another amazing converter that allows you to download your favorite videos in any format and also that is free of cost.

This converter supports other sources too such as Facebook, Vimeo, etc; you can convert and download videos in any format of your choice.


  • No registration is required to access the website
  • Free of Cost
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free
  • Easiest and safe to use 


  • The only drawback it has is that it takes quite a while to download and convert the videos.

10, 2conv Video Converter

2conv Video Converter is one of the best converters that you can access both online and offline. You can access the converter online by going to its main page and if you want to download the converter, the option is available next to the conversion bar. For converting the videos, paste the video link in the conversion bar and choose the desired format. Further, press the convert button to complete the conversion process. 


  • The converter is easy to use
  • Swift
  • High definition video quality
  • Easily accessible
  • Safe to use, no malware


  • The cons of this converter are unnecessary ads that interfere with the conversion process and irritating for the user as well.


All of the applications have the same procedure with some changes in converting and downloading videos, here are some points which will help you out in managing the process more easily;

  1. First, Copy the URL of the YouTube video. 
  2. Then go to the main page of any YouTube converter and paste the link on the main interface.
  3. Click on the “Convert” option to initiate the process.
  4. After the conversion is completed, you can choose the desired format, quality, and size of the video. Some sites also offer some additional editing options such as cropping, adding emojis, or any additional sounds.
  5. Then, the video will be available to download and save on your device.


YouTube does not allow the capturing of streams. It means it is not legal to download any video from YouTube or even record it via screen capture. But that does not make it illegal, as YouTube does not take action against the converter sites and let them do their work. These sites will not monetize the way other sites are and make money.

Therefore, it is recommended to convert such videos that are copyright free and do not violate the YouTube rules. YouTube comes under the US Copyright law, which means anyone who watches it, would have to abide by the law. 

According to US law, any kind of converting and downloading of content whether it is mp3 or mp4 is illegal. Here we are talking about the copyrighted content, there is a lot of content that is not copyrighted and you can freely download that.


Disclaimer: This article is just for informational purposes and we do not support or endorse downloading copyright videos that are in violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions. Before downloading the video, take permission from the video owner to download the videos legally and without any violation of rules.

Nowadays, more and more people want to convert and download videos into mp4 and watch them offline. Many converters are flocking the internet to serve the purpose that is why we have summarized the list of some best YouTube to Mp4 converters according to their unique specifications and user-friendly interface. Every converter has some pros and at the same time some cons. Which converter is best? It depends on what you are looking for and what fits your desired criteria.